There has been a study carried out from Sheffield University showing a rise in interest for owning an allotment. Following the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign during the War interest declined steadily. Developers moving into the degraded plots. Now with the pandemic and a interest in sourcing your own food the UK is looking at a rise in enquiries for allotment plot aquisition.

TAGA has seen a similar interest in the Tonbridge Area with the result that there are now waiting lists for all the 7 sites. A study was completed in 2013 showing upto 100,000 people were waiting to be placed on an allotment with a plot in the UK. With a growing awareness that the food tastes better and concern for the so called ‘food miles’ problem supplying fresh food to supermarkets, local populations amongst the young want to take action.

Needless to say councils will need to react to this demand and ensure demand is met with supply.