Welcome to the new Tonbridge Allotments and Gardens Association (TAGA) website. Actually it is the first and only website we have ever had at TAGA, but here we are, you can’t ignore the internet!

We hope the new Tonbridge Allotments and Gardens Association website will be a ‘go to’ source for tips, information and knowledge. And also, aspiring gardeners can enjoy the rewards of an allotment by finding us easily online. We welcome anyone to apply to become an allotmenteer and once a tenant to contribute to the website too.

From personal experience and as the TAGA website designer and administrator I can assure you, having an allotment can be a lot of fun. My family and I have had an allotment for over 10 years now. Not only do we derive a huge amount of satisfaction from growing our own fruit and vegetables  but along the way we have enjoyed the whole  process of learning how to grow your own, making new friends and of course, we get to enjoy nature’s bountiful harvest.  So delicious and worthwhile.

TAGA hope this website will encourage a better and more healthy future for Tonbridge residents and to help provide a more nutritious and sustainable future for our food.