The official website for The Tonbridge Allotments and Gardens Association. We have seven sites in Tonbridge. If you would like to have an allotment please get in touch.

Tonbridge Allotments and Gardens

Welcome to the Tonbridge Allotments website.

Welcome to TAGA the Tonbridge Allotments and Gardens Association. We have 7 sites in all with 4 in the South Tonbridge area and 3 in the north Tonbridge area. There are 242 plots available for hire in Tonbridge.

We have a thriving community of allotmenteers on our 7 sites enjoying the benefits of delicious fresh food, growing fruit and vegetables of all varieties – including flowers too.


Are you thinking of taking on an allotment plot?

Well lets get it straight from the start. Owning an allotment is a commitment (well for most of the year anyway). It can be hardwork. It will need some thought and planning. But it is also very enjoyable, very good for you and you get to meet some very friendly people.

If you are interested on taking on an allotment please contact us and we will see if there is availability on a plot near you. Of course the allotments are restricted to Tonbridge residents only but we are always happy to help anyone who is interested.

We have allotmenteers from all walks of life, working and retired of all ages. They all have a passion for healthy food and gentle exercise. We also have many different nationalities, everyone is welcome. Everyone is happy to help and if you need really detailed advice there are some real experts on the sites too. We have agreements you will need to sign and a little Green Book with all the rules and regulations. As the site is rented from the council there are a clear set of rules we have to follow so we don’t upset the neighbours and everyone gets on. We look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂


Blog article contributions from Michael Grant

Blog article contributions from Michael Grant

As you are aware I am always interested in fellow allotment holders across the whole of TAGA to send me Blog Articles. I realise this will be slow to take off. However, I am very pleased to announce that Michael Grant from Brook Street Allotments has very kindly...

Exercise, relaxation, friendship and delicious fun

What will you make of your allotment?

Blog Articles



Welcome to the new Tonbridge Allotments and Gardens Association (TAGA) website. Actually it is the first and only website we have ever had at TAGA, but here we are, you can't ignore the internet! We hope the new Tonbridge Allotments and Gardens Association website...

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Please contact us by email, unfortunately, we do not give phone numbers online but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Gail is the TAGA Secretary and will anwer your enquiry as soon as possible.

We have enjoyed our allotment for a while now. It has been great for entertaining and I love growing flowers.

Leanne Davies

Brook Street